A wide set of cement stairs lead up to the large brick theater. The brickwork is framed by elegant and intricate cement carving, obviously done with great care and at great expense. The front entrance has three sets of double doors, above which a sign proclaims: The Rose, Est. 1877. To the left of the door, a large poster advertises the current show. Another poster is headed with "Help wanted!"

Jakob Jostein leans against the wall by the middle set of doors. When he looks up, he sees you standing there.

Jakob: Hey. *he smiles and looks at you for a second* You must be da one lookin' for a job heah. *holds out a paint-spattered hand* I'm Jakob Jostein, da new stage manager. Well, I mean, I ain't new at da Rose...just new at bein' in charge. Ropes took ovah as da manager of da whole theater, so now I'm da head of da stage crew. *grins* But dat's enough small talk. C'mon in--I'll give ya da grand tour an' introduce ya ta ev'rybody. Dey'll prob'ly all be glad for ya ta heah deir stories, too. An' den ya can go ta McKay's office an' see 'bout signin' on.

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